ROME: Augustus Playing Cards, Only 5 More Days on Kickstarter

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ROME: Augustus Playing Cards, Only 5 More Days on Kickstarter

Midnight Card is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter for the ROME: Augustus Deck, a gorgeous deck featuring the most influential men and women from the end of the Roman Republic. The original ROME deck, the Augustus deck comes with rich and vibrant design. According to designer Randy Butterfield,

My ROME design is easily one of my favorites... I've always been drawn to the rich colors, lavish outfits, influential & dramatic history, and the complex characters that make-up the backdrop of Ancient Rome. The ROME: Augustus Deck will be printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. and focuses on the time periods of the First and Second Triumvirates of Rome's history.


Historically, the First Triumvirate ended when Julius Caesar defeated Pompey the Great and became Dictator, before his assassination by members of the Senate. The Second Triumvirate ended when Octavian defeated Mark Antony & Cleopatra, and eventually became the first Emperor of Rome (and given the name Augustus).

Inside, the card backs for the ROME: Augustus deck is truly unique. On each half are the Ancient Roman cityscape and a closeup of the Augustus statue. The center banner is at the inverse angle of the Face Cards' banners. The banner edges the same Black colorway allows for seamless designs on the edge of a full deck. 

The Numbers Cards for both editions are designed to look similar to an Ancient Roman Shield in the center, and opposing soldiers positioned on each side (the large PIPS). The Aces each contain a large Spade, Diamond, Heart or Club PIP in the center and are wrapped by a Laurel Wreath. 

They also feature a different "engraving" to go with each. LEG XIII refers to Julius Caesar's 13th Twin Legion. It was one of his key legions in the Gaul and Civil Wars, and it was the Legion with which he famously crossed the Rubicon in 49 BC. LEG III refers to Mark Antony's Cyrenean Third Legion. They fought for Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium - which is the battle where Augustus was victorious and became the first Emperor of Rome!

The courts for the ROME Decks depict twelve of the most influential men and women from the end of the Roman Republic, meticulously finished with rich and vibrant colors that are associated with Ancient Rome. The Black edges and detail lines add to the readability for such small sizes of the artwork.

The deck is housed in a beautiful tuck box showcasing the cityscape of Ancient Roman temples and buildings on each side and a statue of Augustus on the front and a statue of Julius Caesar on the back. Gold Foil is utilized throughout, including strategic accents within the two statues. Also included in the main temple are banners with a laurel wreath and the Roman SPQR symbol.

Pledge starts from $14 on Kickstarter and the Ancient ROME Playing Cards will be printed by the LPCC on Classic Finish card stock. 2" dealer coin and exclusive companion booklet are available as an add-on.


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