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Explore American History and Future with AR Playing Cards

Augmented America is a pair of augmented reality playing card decks inspired by the history and future of the US is currently funding on Kickstarter with more than 110% of the initial goal of $7,500. 

Curated by history professors across the US, each card in the History deck and Future deck is beautifully illustrated with graphics by Peruvian designer Nathaniel Rueda. 

What makes the decks really unique is the AR accessed functionality that displays information and footage associated to the historical or futures-oriented subjects depicted. 

With fully custom face cards, the decks are definitely suitable for any card game. Not only that, both History and Future decks are packed with information on American cultural, political, economic history; and future scenarios for technology and society. The History pack covers key leading figures and events contributing to America as we know it today, while the Future deck sets out and explains a variety of visionary scenarios for the near and distant future. 

The deck cards will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company on classic stock with a linen finish. Pledge starts at $19 for a deck and app combo on Kickstarter

Explore American History and Future with AR Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 11/05/2020 Rating: 5

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