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Thirdway Industries' SINS Reborn Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Less than 48 hours to go on Kickstarter, Thirdway Industries' SINS Reborn Playing Cards. Designer Giovanni Meroni released the second edition of SINS 13 days ago and the campaign is 543% funded with over 315 backers!

The custom Playing Cards are inspired by the 7 deadly sins and come in 7 different editions:  3 Players Editions, 3 Limited Editions, and 1 Gilded Edition (pictured above).

The "Players Editions" are SINS Red Corpus, SINS Blue Mentis, and SINS Black Anima. Players' editions are not quite as exclusive as limited editions; however, Red Corpus and Blue Mentis will be limited to a printing of around 2500 copies each, and Black Anima to the printing of around 2000 copies.

The "Limited Editions" are SINS Blood Corpus LTD, SINS Twisted Mentis LTD, and SINS Lost Anima LTD. These limited editions include the same cards as the players Editions but will feature luxurious tuck boxes printed and embossed on premium paper with two layers of foil outside and one layer of foil inside. They are exclusively limited to a printing of 1500 copies and will be individually sealed and numbered.

The "Gilded Edition" is SINS Infernal Anima EX, limited to a printing of only 800 copies. It includes the same cards as Black Anima, but features a premium box and stunning violet gilding on the deck. This deck is a Kickstarter Exclusive and won't be available after the campaign.

Inside, the artwork for Corpus, Mentis, and Anima decks are completely different. The card backs represent the Garden of Eden. Corpus represents Eden by night, Mentis represents Eden by day, and Anima represents Eden lost. The courts for each variation are entirely unique for example. the Queen of Hearts, represented in three versions.

SINS Reborn Playing Cards are available now on Kickstarter for $17.


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