Less Than 4 Hours Remaining. SLOTS Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Less Than 4 Hours Remaining. SLOTS Playing Cards on Kickstarter

The SLOT series playing cards are inspired by the original Slot Machine symbols. The deck is another collaboration between Mike Wilson and Randy Butterfield of Midnight Cards. On the design, Mike said,
We decided a casino-style design would be the perfect representation of a theme like this! Each symbol is given a fictitious casino name of its own. The first gambling Slot Machine was the Liberty Bell by Charles Fey, in 1887. In honor of that, our hero Deck is the Liberty Bell Casino Deck.


For this project, they've focused on the four-leaf Clover symbol (Wicked Leprechaun Casino Deck) and the #7 symbol (Lucky 7 Casino Deck). Each design emanates class and sophistication for any game night!

The overall goal is to create 9 different SLOT Series Decks (broken down between 3 projects). When displayed side-by-side, each Tuck will have its hero Slot symbol highlighted in Gold FOIL and will descend in order from top to bottom.

Inside, the face cards are pretty much standard with the exception of the Ace of Spades and Jokers. The Ace of Spade for each Deck headlines a Vegas-style showgirl and the Jokers feature a unique old-school style Slot Machine with each Deck’s hero Slot symbol and color spotlighted. 

Each semi-custom recolored courts exudes luxury with the unique border treatment but remains extremely playable with the Court artwork we all know and love. The Face Cards for each Deck will feature a Metallic GOLD ink and 3 Pantone colors. 

Each SLOT Series Tuck Box will be printed on a premium Matte Tuck paper stock and will feature a Pantone flood color, Gold FOIL, and a second / accent FOIL. Each Tuck Box will also have an Interior printed design and embossing. 

The SLOTS Playing Cards will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co. on Classic Finish stock. Available NOW on Kickstarter for $15.


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