3 Days Remaining! Entwined - Vol. 1: Summer Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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3 Days Remaining! Entwined - Vol. 1: Summer Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Entwined - Vol. 1: Summer is the first of four decks in a series based on the ballet of nature and the freedom of spirit. Currently funding on Kickstarter, this beautiful deck is a collaboration between Old Gravity and artist, Ritu Bhattacharya (Twitter: @artwork_by_ritu).

On the exterior, the tuck box is intricately designed, beautifully embossing and comes in two variations- Summer Gold and Summer Rose. Both are dual-foiled with a rich metallic-gold or rose-gold base, coupled with a beautiful blue foiling, a homage to the enriching power of the warmer days. The tuck comes with a wrap-around design and putting them together forms a continuous design.

Inside, each card has been meticulously hand-drawn, taking inspiration from ballet, and then entwining it with nature. The gorgeous face cards sports a warm color palette, expressing the warmth of summer, and its rejuvenating heat. 

Each dancer is coupled with the grace of an animal or bird symbolizing the symbiosis between the soul and nature’s spirit. 

The artist brilliantly envisioned each number card suit as leaves on a branch. Each denomination increasing the number of leaves against four beautiful summer landscapes. Each suit is based on a leaf, the ginkgo leaf for the heart, the papal leaf for the spades, the oak leaf for the diamonds, and the maple leaf for the clubs.

The aces are fully custom and the two playful ballet dancers are showcased on the two joker cards.

The card backs prominently features the graceful swan and decorated with rich ornate design in stunning metallic gold or rose gold foil, giving it a touch of class. The borders are printed in metallic ink as well. 

Also available during the campaign is the Limited edition collector's box with a run of 100. Each set comes with a custom numbered seal. The box contains 2 limited edition decks of Entwined Vol.1 - The Gun Metal Edition and The Noir Edition. These decks are exclusive limited runs for the Collector's Box - Summer Night Edition.


A truly beautiful deck with delicate ornate design and warm color palette. The decks are printed by NPCC on 310 gsm Premium German Linen Card Stock. Pledge starts at $17 on Kickstarter. Also, add-ons such as Collector's Box and Swan coin are available during the campaign.


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