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First Look at Whiskey Playing Cards by Curious Cask

[Update] Whiskey Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Whiskey Playing Cards by Curious Cask (Instagram: @curiouscask) in collaboration with Legends Playing Card Co. will launch on Kickstarter Monday, 8th Feb. The deck has been teased by our friends at Legends PCC 3 weeks on social media

From what we were told, there will be four decks on offer during the campaign: On the Rocks (Gold), Neat (Red), Water (Blue), and the exclusive Barrel (Brown). 

The decks are fully custom with each court cards representing a character embodying both the whiskey and the meaning behind the pips. 


The suit represents one of the four main whiskey regions: Scotland (Clubs), Ireland (Hearts), Japan (Diamonds), and North America (Spades), 

The card backs feature a repeated curious cask logo design in their respective colorway. 

The decks are kept in a sophisticated tuck box crafted with elegance and style. Each comes with subtle embossed, ink cured with UV light. These details create shine and sharpness which capture the sophistication and style of whiskey.

[Update] Whiskey Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co. Don't miss out! Whiskey Playing Cards will launch on 8th February 21.

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