Regium Playing Cards, 5 More Days on Kickstarter

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Regium Playing Cards, 5 More Days on Kickstarter

From Noir Arts, Regium playing cards is the successor to the beautiful Branle series. Less than a week on Kickstarter, the decks are intricately crafted with character and flair. 

Two decks are on offer during the campaign, Classic, and Antique. Each deck has its own, unique hand-drawn card faces, backs, and tuck box. Decks are completely custom - from the pips to the tuck box and deck seal. 

The concept behind the design of both decks is to create a clean and modern look for Classic deck and aged/antique look for Antique deck. Ukrainian artists Denis Makanin & Lev Kushnirenko have meticulously crafted each design element of the deck - from court card faces to decorative elements of card backs. 

Some of the classic elements of playing cards are made almost classic to make it playable, while the art itself has been re-imagined, hand-drawn, reflecting the history and culture of the XVI-XVII centuries. 

The artwork of each court card represents a real historical person from the artist's point of view. Each of the suits can be associated with some particular royal families from different European countries. For example, Britain, France, Spain, and Eastern Europe (Rzeczpospolita, Transylvania, Hungary). 

Regium Classic has a more clean look, court cards are more like a painting, whereas elements on the Antique deck are worn out and artwork created more sketched and flat, drawn with a pencil. 

Card back design features elements and details seen in Renaissance architecture and various royal palaces. Inspired by old-world luxury, the minimal line, detailed art pays homage to a vintage sophisticated aesthetic. Numbered cards have standard-looking pips. 

Tuck boxes for both decks are decorated with foil ornaments and embossing which enhance detailed artwork, while cards feature golden metallic ink on fronts and backs.

Tuck box for Classic deck feature yellow gold foil over royal blue pearlescent cardstock and Antique tuck box feature 2 foils - gold and copper, over pearlescent copper cardstock. 

Printed by NPCC in Ukraine and pledge starts at $13 on Kicksarter.

Regium Playing Cards, 5 More Days on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 2/10/2021 Rating: 5

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