Shooters Card Co Exceeds 250% Funding Goal on Kickstarter

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Shooters Card Co Exceeds 250% Funding Goal on Kickstarter

From the Dutch Card House Company, comes Shooter f/1.2, a set of playing cards combining the passions for professional photography and clean graphic designing. The decks have surpassed their original funding goal of $12k by 250% on Kickstarter

The deck is a collaboration with Matt Fujiwara and brilliantly mimics the aesthetics of a camera. The card back features icons that can be found and recognized by any camera owner or operator (shooter). 

Classic icons like, battery level display, settings, brightness, flash, or self-timer, just to name a few. The red border was created to keep that "red ring" theme throughout the deck. Red metallic ink can be found on the back design and faces of the cards. 

The court cards are pretty much standard but splashed intricately with camera icons. Custom-designed jokers contain what resembles the control wheel found on most cameras. 

All four aces have enlarged pips with the cross-hair in the center. The Ace of Spades design was meant to look like what you would normally see on a camera display. 

The tuck was designed to mimic the aesthetics of a DSLR camera lens (a.k.a "Glass") while displaying information more related to playing cards. The red ring around the tuck mimics a professional line of lenses, known as Red Rings, which are classified as a higher grade of glass. This deck was created to spark the urge for shooters to get out and shoot. 

The Shooters decks are now available in both black and white colorway for a pledge of $11 on Kickstarter. Add-ons such as travel case and the coin are also available.

Shooters Card Co Exceeds 250% Funding Goal on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 2/17/2021 Rating: 5

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