Kickstarter: Tales Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

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Kickstarter: Tales Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

Tales is a brand new playing cards series by Thirdway Industries currently funding on Kickstarter. The decks are inspired by Fairy Tales, Fables, and Fantasy Books. Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni, the decks offer a vast array of characters to tell and create Fairy Tales, for both kids and adults. 

Like most Thirdway Industries releases, there are three fabulous decks in the Tales series: Heroic Tales, Arcane Tales, and Legendary Tales (limited edition). 

All 3 decks are fully custom and completely different and feature Giovanni's artwork on the courts. The court cards of Heroic and Arcane are completely different characters; the courts of Legendary are asymmetric and tell a story on their own. 

Heroic Tales includes a variety of heroes: some are valiant and brave; others are simply pure of heart. From the Charming Prince, the Brace princess to the Twins and the Hunter. 

The Arcane Tales comes with a magical twist: Wizards, Fairy Godmother, The Magic Piper, Faeries, and Enchanted Creatures. 

Finally, the Legendary is the limited edition of Tales and features asymmetric court cards with subtle gold ink background on every face card; each tells a story on its own. 

For example, the famous Emperor, lavishly dressed on one side, and naked on the other (inspired by "The Emperor's New Clothes"). Also, the Wolf, in his true form (the King of Evil) and disguised as the Scarlet Damsel’s Granny. 

Like all the other Thirdway Industries decks, Tales decks are designed to be perfect to play with. The pips are classic and similar; however, each deck has a specific symbol that identifies it: Heroic has a small crown, Legendary has sun, and Arcane features an upward-pointing triangle. The Aces are all custom and unique in each deck. 

Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at €14 ($21) on Kickstarter.

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