Galaxia Playing Cards Hits 250% Funding Goal on Kickstarter

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Galaxia Playing Cards Hits 250% Funding Goal on Kickstarter

The second Sci-Fi themed deck featured this week! Galaxia is a series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, inspired by dystopian Sci-Fi novels of the 1950s and 60s. Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni, the decks offer a vast array of characters and stories to tell as they embark on a space journey to an Eden in another galaxy. 

Like most Thirdway Industries releases, there are three decks in the series: Galaxia Promessa, Galaxia Altezza, and Galaxia Domina. The striking Domina is a limited edition deck with only 1777 decks produced.

Inside, all decks are fully custom with completely unique designs including card backs and courts. The Galaxia Promessa deck features a predominant yellow colorway. According to the campaign page,
SSC Promessa is the Ark of Humanity. An immense, glorious Mothership designed to carry mankind beyond the stars.


The deck includes spaceship security, crew, maintenance personnel, and passengers. The destination, Terra-2- a super habitable planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. It’s similar to Earth, but larger, with a spectacular ring system to rival Saturn’s. 

Galaxia Altezza comes in a green/yellow colorway. According to the campaign page,
Altezza is the first human outpost on Terra-2. The flagship city itself is primarily made of the SSC Promessa, which was landed, secured, and reconfigured as a land-based city.


The custom Ace of Spades portrays the magnificent Altezza City, the first man-made construction on Terra-2. The deck comes with fearless soldiers, assassins, the royal family, and the people. 

Finally, Galaxia Domina is the limited edition of Galaxia. It reveals the secrets of the Galactic Federation, the organization that founded the Galaxia Initiative. 

The striking deck features luxurious custom tuck box gold foil and embossing. SSC Domina is the second ship of the Galaxia fleet. The Domina is smaller than the Promessa but more luxurious. 

Galaxia Promessa and Altezza will be printed by the USPCC and the pledge starts at $16 on Kickstarter.

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