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Perpetua: An Intriguing NEW Deck From Ellusionist

An intriguing new deck from Ellusionist! Produced in collaboration with Arturo Schöndube and Javier Natera, Perpetua Playing Cards is a cool custom deck with a modern design!

Perpetua takes its name from the saint and martyr who was imprisoned in the ancient city of Cartago. The deck's designers, obsessed with endless Escher-esque artwork, created a metaphorical Cartago cityscape with no beginning and no end. It's perpetual.

Inside, the card backs, courts, ace of spades, jokers, and suits are all illustrated with textured geometric artwork. The Escher pattern is also found on the intriguing tuck box! The 3D effect of the word Perpetual makes it look like it has been sculpted into the tuck. Brilliant!

Definitely one of our fave deck from Ellusionist! A must-have deck for your collection. Printed by Cartamundi on the Luxury-pressed E7 stock. Available NOW from Ellusionist for $9.95.

Perpetua: An Intriguing NEW Deck From Ellusionist Reviewed by Ivan on 6/14/2021 Rating: 5

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