Penguin Magic's Bicycle Honeybees in TWO Colorway

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Penguin Magic's Bicycle Honeybees in TWO Colorway

People have been buzzing about Penguin Magic's Honeybee decks since the first edition launched in 2015, selling out in a single day! Since then each new version of Honeybees has continued to sell out. The honeybee is a collaboration between Penguin Magic and Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards)

The concept was the idea of Kevin Reylek from Penguin Magic, who had a vision of a Honeycomb, borderless back design giving homage to the classic Bee-Style playing cards.

The Bicycle Honeybees, aka Honeybee V3 sports a Yellow and Black colorway and for the first time since 2016, borderless versions of these colorways are available. The deck features the familiar Honeycomb pattern with the Honeybee mascot on the backs but faces in a new direction for enhanced symmetry.

The faces are in a traditional style, with the timeless Beehive Ace of Spades and Beekeeper Jokers, plus a deeper high-roller red used for the Hearts and Diamonds. A custom color scheme and background pattern have been added to all of the court cards. Also included are 2 special gaffs in each deck, a double-backer, and a blank-facer.

Printed on US Playing Card's embossed Bee stock with their Grade-A "Magic" finish and traditional cut. Custom 6-pack boxes included with orders of 6 Yellow or 6 Black decks. Available NOW from (Yellow edition and Black edition) for $7.50 (usually $10) for the first 72-hour.

Penguin Magic's Bicycle Honeybees in TWO Colorway Reviewed by Ivan on 6/08/2021 Rating: 5

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