First Look: Honeybee by Penguin Magic

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First Look: Honeybee by Penguin Magic

Honeybee is a collaboration between Penguin Magic and Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards). The concept was the idea of Kevin Reylek from Penguin Magic, who had a vision of a Honeycomb, borderless back design giving homage to the classic Bee-Style playing cards. 

After some discussion and direction between Kevin and Randy, the golden honey colored honeycomb came to be. Honeybee is a modern take on the Bee design with many nods to the traditional diamond backs, but with a modern twist to the presentation.

The First Edition of the Honeybee's will be a print run of only 2500 decks, printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on Bee Stock and Premium Magic Finish. The deck will also be Traditionally Cut and consist of Custom Ace of Spades, Jokers and a custom color scheme to the court cards. As mentioned, the deck was designed by Randy Butterfield of Midnight Cards and being offered by Penguin Magic.

Honeybee is available to the public at Penguin Magic's web site. $7.95 for single decks and a Special Brick offer if you ordet 12 decks before midnight on launch day.

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