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Collections: Prohibition - 52 Proof by Ellusionist

52 Proof was one of the 6 decks released in the Prohibition Set by Ellusionist. The deck has some nice detail in some of the design features and a little disconnect in others.

The intricate design work on the card back is very nice, has a “Classic” look but works well with the theme of the Prohibition set as well as the inspiration for the individual deck. The custom courts seem to depict more “Upper Class” characters of the times, which threw me off a bit. Its 52 Proof Whiskey and this wouldn’t be the type of person that pops into my head when I think of that particular beverage. The design work is nice; I just don’t think they fit the decks inspiration very well. The deck seems to want a “Western” feel, but is kind of tethered to the “Prohibition” idea…… on.

The deck also features a slightly custom Ace of Spades; slightly customized spot cards two ad cards, one featuring the ingredients to a “Cocktail” and lastly two custom Jokers. The two custom Jokers are framed the same, but one offers up a “Definition” of sorts pertaining to the Joker, while the other has a very cool Skull and Six Guns design. The detail is really nice on the fully drawn out Joker and the line work really makes the card stand out, but I think, once again, this is where there is a lack of direction on where the deck wants to go. While I think the imagery of the Skull and Six Guns is more of a tie into a deck called “52 Proof”, it seems out of place when compared to the courts.
The 100% Custom Tuck is really sharp, nothing over the top, but the design is excellent, the color palette is perfect for the deck and the subtle embossing and gold foil accents really make the tuck eye catching. The deep red interior of the tuck is just a bonus.

52 Proof, is a nice little deck, I like it, but I think while the courts on their own are nicely done, they don’t really work with the rest of the decks design and or concept. Maybe I’m reading way too much into it, but they feel detached from the rest of the decks design element in my opinion. This one’s going to be a case by case “Like it or not” deck. There’s enough to like, and you can turn a blind eye to my opinion of the Courts, I don’t think it’s enough to sour the deal if you’re interested in 52 Proof.

Check in over the next few weeks as we work through the entire Prohibition set, one deck at a time.

Image courtesy of Ellusionist


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