Collections: Prohibition - Disparos by Ellusionist

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Collections: Prohibition - Disparos by Ellusionist

The Disparos Tequila deck takes it's inspiration from the Mexican Old West, with a rustic look and feel, this is in my opinion one of the nicer decks in the set.

The tuck, while presented in a vertical fashion is not a sideways tuck, it opens in the standard manner, but does have some nice subtle embossing on the front of the tucks name as well as the floral design on the back of the box, both adding a nice "Feel" to the rustic look. The tuck also has a red seal featuring a few skulls printed in black to pop just a bit.

The cards themselves have a worn look that is pulled off by a nice tattered edge look as well as the sketchy design and color palette. The back design is mirrored, but the slightest of miscut and it does become a subtle one way back because of the random "Border" design element. The courts continue with the "Sketched" look and depict various Mexican inspired characters, they are a one way design with the cards "Name" printed across the bottom in a bit of a banner design, but retain the corner pips. The spot card pips have that "Just Drawn" look that works well with the deck and the custom Ace of Spades has a nice skeletal design. The Jokers, much like many in the set, aren't specifically designated as such, but Disparos "Jokers" feature two lower-centered bottle design with the shot glass shown full in one, and empty in the other.

The Disapros deck works its theme and concept really well, as I mentioned, one of the better overall decks in the set. The distressed, rustic look and feel works really well with the contrasting earth tones. I also like that they adjusted the usual marketing elements on either end of the tuck to fit the decks look and theme seamlessly. As with the entire Prohibition set, the deck has a very nice, familiar handling to it that will please USPC fans. Something a little different than the norm, presented well and would add some flavor to your Friday night poker game.

Check in over the next few weeks as we work through the entire Prohibition set, one deck at a time.


Disparos Tequila
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White Wolf
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