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Collections: Prohibition - Moonshine by Ellusionist

We’re half way through Ellusionists Prohibition Series which brings us to the Moonshine deck. This is probably my least favorite of the six decks, while probably being the cornerstone of the Box Set. It’s inspired by the illegal corn liquor that kept many businesses running during the prohibition era.

The most appealing part of the deck has got to be the tuck box, while not over the top in bling factor; it’s a really nice design representing the theme very well. The subtle embossing and “Rustic” overall look really work well on the tuck along with the attention to detail on the side panels which a bit of “Moonshine” sales pitch “Guaranteed to cure all that ails you”. The back design represented on the tuck back with two mirrored images of Moonshine “Jugs” ties the whole thing together really well.

The Jokers consist of two “Image” cards, neither labeled as “Jokers”. One is of the Moonshine logo, and the other depicting a vintage car depicting Moonshine “Runners’ I would assume. The Ace of Spades has a rustic look to it, with a stark white banner draped across it reading “Moonshine”
The court cards are mirrored character representing apparently famous “Moonshiners”, they’re done in a stark white, using a “Rustic” sketch design and split by a mug shot plaque. While the courts work in the sense that they connect with the rest of the deck and theme, I’m not a huge fan of them. The back design pulls from “Classic” Rider Back principles of the double mirrored circles, the design holds true to the overall look and has a nice look to it.

My biggest gripe would be that the deck seems a bit muddy in its color choice, I think if the card base color were closer to that of the tuck box it would have brightened it up a bit while keeping with the look and feel of the deck. 

I’ll put this one in the “Personal Opinion” category, there is nothing tragically wrong with the deck and it represents its concept very well. If you’re a completionist, you’ll need to pick it up because as I mentioned, it seems to be the cornerstone of the sets inspiration, if not, take a good look and decide for yourself. 

Check in over the next few weeks as we work through the entire Prohibition set, one deck at a time.


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