Now on Patreon! Kardify Magazine Issue #54

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Now on Patreon! Kardify Magazine Issue #54


Just released! Issue #54 of Kardify Magazine is now available on Patreon in both EPUB and PDF format! Patrons who pledged $3 or more will be able to download the latest issue from our Patreon page. This issue compiles selected articles published from mid-October to mid-November. Deck images, articles, and news to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest playing card news, releases, and previews. If you love playing cards, you will love Kardify Magazine!

Also, don't forget to check out our other cool reward tiers on Patreon! The tiers include monthly desktop and smartphone wallpapers, a mystery deck shipped to you every 4 months of ongoing contribution, social media shout-outs, and multiple sponsorship tiers! Check it out!

Funds received from the magazine will help us keep the site running and growing, and bring new quality content to you. Our aim is to support designers by backing crowdfunded projects and supporting magic and playing cards retailers with their new releases. If you want to support us, please head over to our Patreon page. If you have an idea for an article you would like us to pursue, do get in contact with us. We hope you enjoy the read. In this issue:

52 Plus Joker 2021 Club Deck: Sold out in 2 hours! Have a look at the stunning deck created by Stockholm17 exclusively for members of 52 Plus Joker.

Avengers Infinity Sage Red Edition: Theory11’s collaboration with Marvel Studio now comes in striking RED colorway. Check it out!

Odd Fellows: The first official Portfolio52-branded Kickstarter project designed by Stockholm17 as an ode to our love of playing cards. 

PoisonThirdway Industries’ Poison Playing Cards is inspired by alchemy, pharmacy, and poisons and it’s settled in a fictional America of 1920. Find out more!

Black Reserve Note: Inspired by early 1900’s banknote engravings from U.S. currency, Kings Wild Project has redesigned the original Black Reserve note with a minimalistic tuck case and updated artwork on the cards.

Royal Silk: The latest addition to the spectacular and luxurious SILK playing cards by Lotrek inspired by renaissance engravings.

Blood Amber: Deck view of Skymember Presents’ fully custom deck centered on the experience of striving as a human being.

ECHO X Smoke & Mirrors: Taiwanese Cardistry group Lotus in Hand’s popular Echo deck is getting reimagined with Dan and Dave's Smoke & Mirrors brand.

… and more! 63 pages of articles and deck images. Enjoy!

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