Relaunched Nerds VS Jocks Final Day on Kickstarter

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Relaunched Nerds VS Jocks Final Day on Kickstarter

Relaunched late last month on Kickstarter, Nerds vs Jocks Playing Cards is a collaboration between Randy Butterfield of Midnight Cards and Mike Wilson. This is their third collaboration after the OCULUS deck and POLLOCK Playing Cards.

On the Kickstarter page, Mike explained,
After the success of OCULUS and Pollock, Randy and I decided to go in a different direction. We tossed around the idea of a vintage vibe. As 80s pop culture began to reemerge on TV with Stranger Things, and the retro fashion styles began to make a comeback, it wasn’t hard to decide on an 80s theme filled with brains versus brawn.

The designs for Nerds VS Jocks decks are bold, colorful, and unique. The look is inspired from classic 80s movies that are lighthearted and fun, and occasionally center on a Nerds VS Jocks storyline.

This includes lots of nods to some 80s characters found on the fully custom court cards including outfits, and props, plus references to the overall flashy vibe that made the 1980’s so grand.

Both Decks feature the same set of face cards. The Spades and Clubs represent the Nerds. The Hearts and Diamonds represent the Jocks. If you look closely, the Spade pips contain a floppy disk within, and the Spade Courts are representative of some prototypical Nerds of the 80s. The Club features a D12 dice graphic inside the pips, and the Club Courts are the gaming and sci-fi Nerds of the Deck.

The Heart pips contain a football goal post, and the Heart Courts represent the ultimate sports Jocks of the 80s - football players and cheerleaders! Finally, the Diamond PIPs feature a set of football threads within, and the Club Courts are the partying and workout Jocks of the 80s.

The tuck box and back design of the Nerds Deck features a closeup design of a dress shirt and, of course, the pocket protector that holds the tools for the quintessential “Nerd” of the 80s. The “Embroidered Patch” Nerds Logo is given a place of prominence on the shirt pocket.

Meanwhile, the tuck and backs for the Jocks Deck feature a closeup design of a letterman’s jacket. We chose “M” as the Varsity Letter, which stands for Midnight Cards and Mike Wilson. The “Enamel Pin” Jocks Logo is positioned on the large “M” Varsity Letter.

Both tucks will be printed on a premium Matte paper stock and include clear UV Spot Ink in strategic areas of the designs. The NERDS VS JOCKS Decks will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co., with their Taiwan printer on their Classic Finish. Now on Kickstarter!

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