The NOC Luxury Collection Unlocks Rose Quartz Edition

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The NOC Luxury Collection Unlocks Rose Quartz Edition

Late last year, Riffle Shuffle and HOPC launched the NOC Luxury Collection and raised over $287k! This year, the highly collectible series is back on back on Kickstarter with 5 New Editions- Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine and Rose Quartz.
Each deck is elegantly encased in a Premium FOILED tuck case of their respective colors finely infuses Two Hot Foil stamps and 4 Levels of state-of-the-art 3D embossing! 

The front of the tuck case displays the embossed NOC on a reflective metal plate design, giving it a luxurious look. The back of the tuck box comes with decorative spade patterns that are blind embossed.

Each Luxury Edition comes with a beautiful foiled Numbered Seal, which is perforated to align with the opening flap of the deck. When opening the beautiful tuck case, you will notice the FULLY FOILED inner tuck case. The tuck case doesn’t just look luxurious, but it also FEELS luxurious.

The face cards of the Luxury Collection follow the classic design of the previous NOC decks, but there are small details that differentiate all three editions from the Luxury Collection to make them all unique!

The NOC Ruby Foiled Edition utilizes a bold, eye-catching Red color with Premium Pantone Gold Metallic Ink. The NOC Sapphire and Emerald Editions, on the other hand, utilize Blue & Green Pantone Colors with the shimmering silver and bronze metallic ink. 

All three editions keep the traditional red and black inks throughout the suits. The overall design for the faces are a good balance so that it is not too overwhelming, but also differs from the common court card.

The iconic Aces have been updated with Pantone ink to follow its elegant theme. “Riffle Shuffle x House of Playing Cards” is beautifully written below the aces.

To tie the whole deck together, the Jokers feature the new medallion look of the NOC Logo design, similar to the first Luxury Collection. Each edition comes with 2 identical jokers, which are printed with their corresponding red, blue, and green Pantone ink to add that nice finishing touch to the deck.

NOC Playing Cards are well known for their suit marking system. For this series, the decks come with a FULLY Marked Marking System. Once you know the secret, you will be able to easily identify the suit and value of any given card without hesitation given its revolutionary system. 

The NOC Luxury Collection is the first NOC deck printed by professionals at Cartamundi on the well-known Slimline Paper Stock, finished with B9 True Linen Finish.

Also, the NOC Holographic Foil Edition Edge Gilding is available as an addon. Only 500 Holographic Gilded decks are available NOW as an add-on! Pledge starts at $18 on Kickstarter. 

The NOC Luxury Collection Unlocks Rose Quartz Edition Reviewed by Ivan on 11/01/2021 Rating: 5

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