The Exploration Playing Cards with Augmented Reality Features

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The Exploration Playing Cards with Augmented Reality Features

The Exploration Playing Cards is a very cool deck from DeckIdea launched on Kickstarter last week. Exploration will be the first deck from DeckIdea that provides an Augmented Reality (AR) experience. The AR app is available for FREE on the IOS and Google Play Store. According to the DeckIdea campaign page,

It is another project that has been in the works for a while with the intend of bringing Augmented Reality to Cardistry. The Exploration Deck is the first deck that was design specially to be compatible with the app.


Even without AR, the dec design is elegant on its own. Fully custom, the back was designed so that it is visually pleasing during flourishing and purely up-close inspection. The back features a large bold circle in the center, surrounded by intricate details. 

The circle allows the viewer to keep track of the motion of the cards during flourishing. The intricate details only become more visible when view up close, creating a different visual experience.

For the face cards, the court cards are modern reinterpretations of the traditional royals but fully functional for magic and/or card games. The pips are printed on all 4 corners, making the deck user-friendly to both right and left-handed cardists and magicians alike.

The Ace is beautifully crafted and full of detail. There is also something cool when viewd with the AR app.

The deck is packaged in an elegant tuck box inspired by traditional Japanese woodworking techniques Kumiko and Yosegi-zaiku.  Yosegi-zaiku puzzle boxes usually have a hidden compartment once you solve the puzzle. From the campaign page, 

The Exploration deck also has its own hidden feature; working with Augmented Reality!

The tuck box is adorned with stunning gold foil and capped with a numbered Seal. The Standard Edition is limited to 2,700 decks only and the Blue Gilded to only 200. The decks will be printed by Hanson Chien Production Co on Vintage Stock. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter.

The Exploration Playing Cards with Augmented Reality Features Reviewed by Ivan on 11/17/2021 Rating: 5

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