Solve the Mystery of the Ghost King Deck

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Solve the Mystery of the Ghost King Deck

The Ghost King Deck is an uncanny deck of playing cards inspired by old Role Playing Game. This fascinating deck is filled with lore, mystery, epicness, legendary design and characters. Brought to you by Uncanny Brand Studio (Instagram: @uncannybrandstudio), the deck is tells the story of mainland of Mircee and the four fallen kingdoms, with fascinating characters, The Ghost King and a mystery. 

With the Ghost King deck, there is a mystery within waiting to be solved... Who killed the Ghost King? A detective game that incorporates simple RPG elements and a clue system to figure out, who killed the king? From the Kickstarter preview campaign page, 
From the very beginning, we set our goal pretty high, we wanted to create a deck of cards that not only could be used as a normal deck of playing cards but also could be shared with friends to solve a mystery. We created the full backstory for each and every character that exist in this deck of cards and located them in a very interesting kingdom with a history of betrayal and mystery.
The Lore of Mircee and how it became the 4 fallen kingdoms will let you experience the full mystery of Who killed the Ghost King?

The fully custom deck features a mirrored card back, custom courts, and Aces- each includes custom artwork of each of the fallen kingdoms and lore describing that particular kingdom. 

The face cards when arranged in the correct order, will from a map of Mircee Mainland by using all the number cards of the deck. This MIGHT lead you to discover Who killed the Ghost King? 

Also, clues, runes, ancient texts are hidden in all the cards. Crack and decyper the clues and meaning to solve the mystery of The Ghost King deck. The deck and its secrets are kept in a minimal tuck box with UV spot finish. 

The Ghost King Deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company on their Classic Bicycle Stock with Air Cushion Finish with a 1000 decks.

This deck will also feature original Soundtrack based on our original lore of the Ghost King and available as an add-on. Pledge starts at $10 on Kickstarter (launching today 22nd November). Don't miss out!

Solve the Mystery of the Ghost King Deck Reviewed by Ivan on 11/22/2021 Rating: 5

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