First Look: Find Out More About The Limited Edition Deck of "Delirium Lost Decks" by Thirdway Industries

[Update] "Delirium the Lost Decks" are now LIVE on Kickstarter! Currently 231% of its funding goal!

This is the second part of our first look at Thirdway Industries' upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Like the majority of Giovanni Meroni's release the past 2 years, there will be a third deck in "Delirium Lost Decks"!

Delirium is a fun and dynamic deck of playing cards strongly inspired by the classic French playing cards... with a crazy twist! The third deck in the "Delirium Lost Decks" series will be limited edition and only available on Kickstarter. Giovanni told Kardify,
The third deck will be called Delirium Absolute and limited to only 777. It will be one of my rarest decks (Suprema was limited to 500).

For the campaign, new parts of the story of the Delirium Realm will be revealed during the campaign. Giovanni teased,
There are new, mysterious characters both in Insomnia and in Ascension. If you want to catch-up on the backstory "of Delirium Prism, check it out on here!

[Update] "Delirium the Lost Decks" are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

All 3 decks will be printed by the US Playing Card Co. "Delirium Lost Decks" will launch on Kickstarter 12th January 2018. To find out more about Delirium and anything Thirdway Industries, subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Facebook.

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