Card Flash: Queens Playing Cards by Murphys Magic

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Card Flash: Queens Playing Cards by Murphys Magic

Conceptualized by renowned playing card creator, Jason Brumbalow and produced by Murphys Magic, Queens Playing Cards is an infusion of classical iconography and bold modern design.

In the game of chess, the Queen is the most powerful entity on the board. Yet, with enough blood and sweat, even the simplest Pawn can become the most powerful piece on the board. The deck is a reminder that with enough passion and drive, one can rise up and achieve their dreams.

The tuck features a simple and elegant design shielded in alluring red foil. Inside, the cards feature a bold custom Ace of Spades, a one-way card back with a diagonal cigar band on a checkered board used in chess, custom jokers, standard recolored courts, and pips.

As an avid chess player, the chess iconography in the deck that excites me. The bold Ace of Spades and the card backs, in particular, are very well done and suitably beautiful to the theme of the deck. The face cards include a striking silver metallic ink which works well in general. However, the metallic ink on the courts seems to make the faces of the Royals 'invisible' at a certain angle.

The deck is masterfully crafted by Expert Playing Card Company with a sleek slipstream finish which is super smooth and feels really snappy. Definitely an excellent deck for the poker table!

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Card Flash: Queens Playing Cards by Murphys Magic Reviewed by Ivan on 1/09/2018 Rating: 5

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