Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cabinet of Curiosities Playing Cards by Cellar Window

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Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cabinet of Curiosities Playing Cards by Cellar Window

The Cabinet of Curiosities is one of the most intriguing deck of playing cards we've featured on Kardify. Designed by the team at Cellar Window, Cabinet of Curiosities is an art deck featuring a juxtaposition of elements such as mechanisms coupled with an organic look that inexplicably forms a truly unique and obscure object.

The 54 fully illustrated and imagined objects are inspired by the works and personal collections of naturalists and explorers. Here are 5 things you didn't know about Cabinet of Curiosities Playing Cards:

1. A Small Cabinet
Design and theme is always at the heart of what co-founder Nam Tibon do for Cellar Window. Creating a small cabinet design on the tuck box fits perfecly with the theme. "The idea is for people to carry this tiny cabinet around and to be able share the strange wonders found inside with friends easily."

2. Curiouser and Curiouser
Historically the Cabinets of Curiosities are predecessors of modern Museums we see today. It's a collection of a variety of things found all over the world. "The beauty I found with this theme is not its accuracy in exactly depicting nature but rather its notoriety for some of the objects to be manipulated in order to create a sense of mystery for the viewer on what other crazy things might be found out there."

3. Opening the Lock
Inside this cabinet is 56 illustrated objects each having their own personality. Anyone can interpret these objects as whatever they like and each one is a mix of organic and mechanical things that can leave you staring at it for a long time. "Rather than just focusing on court card design I wanted to create a vast collection reminiscent to a real cabinet of curiosities."

4. Inspired by Giants
Not literal giants but giants in the fields of naturalist art and scientific discoveries through the years. "As a child I was always inspired by famous old paintings about flora and fauna and always wondered what other things they might have missed and working around that thought I decided to create these strange objects. I don't have a clear idea on how an object will look before illustrating it but I am guided with a sort of stream of consciousness. That way I am always surprised on how it turns out, and so every card is born of my own personal exploration and collection."

5. Stream of Consciousness.
"I instantly fell in love with creating this art deck so I decided to make this the first of a series of art decks of different themes and all cards will be fully illustrated. I still don't know what my next playing card art deck's theme will be but I trust in that 'stream of consciousness' to guide me in creating some really unique stuff out there. This will by my first art deck and I invite you to watch out for more in the future."

The cards will be housed in an embossed matte finished tuck box with interior print and capped with a perforated tax stamp seal. Cabinet of Curiosities Playing Cards will be printed by NPCC on premium German card stock. Available now on Kickstarter and pledge starts at $14.

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