Card Gear: Adam Borderline

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Card Gear: Adam Borderline

Card Gear is our monthly feature dedicated to discovering new inventory, setup, and accessories used every day by card designers, cardists, magicians and collectors. The concept originated from the popular social media site, Instagram: #passthepockets. Whenever one of these hashtags come up on the social news feed, there's always something new to discover, no matter who that person is.

This month, we have the EDC of Adam Borderline from the UK. If you are on the popular social media platform Instagram, you've probably seen Adam's incredible photography (Instagram: @adamborderline). Adam has been gaining attention through his mind-boggling #fluidcards photography series.

Adam has been doing magic for close to 6 years, and photography about 5 years. Choosing liquid for his card photography is Adam's way of showcasing how he believe good magic and cardistry should be. It should be fluid, effortless and create a sense of wonder. Adam told kardify, "I’m very grateful everyone is enjoying something I love doing." Adam's gear (Italics are Adam's comments):

+ National Geographic backpack (the best backpack I’ve ever owned, carries everything)
+ Apple MacBook pro (My workhorse, I’d be lost without it)
+ Joby Tripod (Perfect for on the go)
+ Air blower (Blow the dust off your lens before cleaning it, otherwise you’ll scratch the coating,  This handy item is invaluable)
+ DSLR cleaning brushes (Lens, body, filter )
+ Variable ND filter (When shooting long exposures or video in mid day sun)
+ Canon 85mm 1.2L USM Lens (My portrait warrior, the bokeh and feel this lens can produce is only something this is able too do)
+ Canon 35mm 2.8 Macro Lens (All my card photography is done with this little beast)
+ Black edition Cherries by Pure Imagination (The stock, cut and finish is perfect)
+ Gold Monarchs from Theory11 (Use your cards, don’t let them gather dust, plus they’re awesome!)
+ 3 sided mirror/mat from Vanishing Inc (When i’m not shooting, it’s practice, practice, practice)
+ Various stickers from Papercuts, Supreme, Hocus Pocus, Theory11 and Gamblers Warehouse. (Who doesn’t like stickers!)

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