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First Look: Verana Virtues and Seronda Sentiments by Seasons Playing Cards

In a digitally connected world, Alex Chin of Seasons Playing Cards wanted to explore the non-digital by taking the intangible and making them more physical. The Verana Virtues and Seronda Sentiments playing cards are the second half of the Apothecary Series launched in 2017, based on the idea of capturing these invisible concepts like a feeling, or an idea, and then transforming them into very real items.

On the design, Alex told Kardify,
Each pack is represented by a different suit, color, season, concept, and ingredient type. The full matrix of all of this was mapped out at the beginning but the designs didn't come in for these last 2 decks until later. In this current campaign, the packs being represented is the Heart of Fall and Diamond of Summer.

Like Alex's previous campaign there will be Kickstarter exclusives including custom numbered and autographed gold and silver engraved wraps as well as a new black ebony cabinet of curiosity to house them in.
I'll also be having White Label decks that infamously color change to the touch. Each deck comes individually numbered, signed, and will be gilded by hand (no joke). They were best sellers last year so instead of waiting for a stretch goal this is my first time trying it out to offer them out the gate.

We were told that there will be some standard stretch goals as well as some exciting new stretch goal surprises as the campaign continues. Alex teased,
.. but we won't open that box until later (shhhh).
The campaign will be available on Kickstarter this January 18th, Thursday at 2:00pm CST. You can follow Seasons Playing Cards on Facebook, Instagram, and Kickstarter to get direct notifications on launch.

First Look: Verana Virtues and Seronda Sentiments by Seasons Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 1/17/2018 Rating: 5

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