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News: Ellusionist Reveals There IS A Secret Menu. Here's What Is Currently On It

For weeks, the rumor that Ellusionist has a secret menu created quite a buzz amongst fans. Guess what? It’s true. The news was revealed late last week on Instagram by our good friend Jeremy Griffith (Instagram: @lost_angelus) on a special announcement to celebrate the upcoming birth of his son.

So.. what is a secret menu? Basically, it means you can go in and buy decks that aren’t listed on the main Ellusionist menu. Meh! That sounds boring until you KNOW what you CAN buy…

Here’s what’s currently on the secret menu:

Saturn Hyperspace - Follow-up to the popular cardistry deck- Red Saturns. Two years ago, Ellusionist bought the rights to the design and it is finally available on the Secret Menu for $10.

Black Royal Reserve - Originally included when you purchase a brick of Royal Reserve. Now, available for $20.

We're not entirely sure how long the decks will be available on the Secret Menu or if the decks will be released to the public on the main menu at a higher price... so get yours now while you can!

More decks will be added to the Secret Menu throughout the year. Here's what you can expect:

Pink Rounders - Ellusionist mentioned on Instagram (@ellusionist) that this will be added in the next few week.

Silver D******* - Not much is known about this deck but like the Pink Rounders, scheduled to be released in a few weeks.

There are a few ways to get to the secret menu. Firstly, explore Ellusionist website, or if all else fail... get in touch with us on email or on social media with the hashtag #EllusionistSecretMenu.

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