Bicycle: Eco Edition Playing Cards

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Bicycle: Eco Edition Playing Cards

Being eco-friendly has never looked so good or as guilt-free as this edition of Bicycle. These cards are made from recycled materials: cards are made with vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminating glue. The paper is made from sustainable sources and both cards and box are completely recyclable. 

For starters, the colors on the back and the face of these cards have a nice tint of olive green shade to them, making it nice and warm. For example, the red cards are green instead of usual strong red on a typical deck. This gives the deck a more subdued look - a little too dull for me,

The court cards are pretty standard. Sticking to the theme, they are also green, the black ones are green and black, the red ones are green and yellow. The regular faces of the cards are smaller, and a bit different from regular USPCC faces.

Also, the case of these cards is really nice... interestingly, it is a lot heavier cardboard than other cases.    Finally as for the cards themselves, the feel of them is surprisingly smooth and easy to manipulate due to it's more flexible nature. Suitable for card flourishes.

 I reckon these cards are more for the card collector and cardists. As for magicians, these cards do look unique and look like a trick deck, which may bring unnecessary skepticism and awkwardness from your spectators.

- Unique deck theme
- Eco-friendly
- Strong box
- Surprisingly smooth and easy to manipulate

- Color too dull
- Might be mistaken for a trick deck

 - 4/5

Bicycle: Eco Edition Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 8/31/2013 Rating: 5

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