Revealed: Karnival Delirium First Look

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Revealed: Karnival Delirium First Look

Early this Monday morning Big Blind Media's playing card division, Karnival, has released images of their upcoming deck called Karnival Delirium.

The artwork, which was posted early Monday morning US time, features trippy design work by Sam Hayles. Hayles is primarily Big Blind Media/Karnival's artist. The centerpiece on the tuck case includes a plague doctor wrapped in spiraling checkerboard, skulls and a faint color palette that screams a certain psychedelic darkness.

While there is no release date officially released for Delirium, we do know that Big Blind Media usually and in the past has teased their releases at least a month in advance. However, this is not a definite account of the release date. Strictly, prediction.
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  1. I quite like this one.

    I suppose this is heresy to suggest for a playing card deck, but I wish a bit of illustration would make it into the pips or some of the pips as an accent. It doesn't have to be fully illustrated on every card but some interesting linework on cards other than the Ace of Spades would be richer, and this has such an intriguing theme, I can see a whopping amount of creative content that could sprinkle itself on the pips.

    Wishful thinking?

  2. I wouldn't say its wishful thinking just yet. Have you checked out the Believe deck that is currently on Kickstarter? They are doing some interesting things on their pips.

  3. Thanks Scott. Their Aces are illustrated but I don't see anything else on the pips. I actually have a tarot deck with Wayang Kulit puppets and I have a Wayang Golek puppet too, so that card deck might have been interesting to me if it was illustrated on more than the Aces and Court cards.

    In tarot, they often do semi-illustrated pips, so all the numbered cards have a little something on them although not full illustrations. I also collect Transformation packs and they have wonderful illustrations, some quite inventive. For me,many cards on Kickstarter have a nice box but not much else. Why, if you are going to all the trouble to raise money to publish, would you not create a deck that's truly imaginative?

    It seems logical to me if you're an artist with an idea, to take a bit more time and punch some uniqueness into your deck. I have about 70 playing cards, and ones with great fonts and layout on the pips, which are plain. I am unlikely to buy more decks with plain pips. I need something with a bit more life in the cards, either fully or semi-illustrated pips, with interesting art related to the theme.

    There's a lot of hooplah and beautiful, atmospheric photographs and boxes, but inside it's not promising. For me anyway. I'm a visual person, so illustration makes a big difference.

  4. There have been a few updates on the Believe project that have presented new number card and pip designs. They have not changed the designs on their actual project page yet which would probably be a smart thing to do so people can see what they are going to release.

    With all the card projects being released today people need to start pushing what they release. The competition is there for people to be very selective with what they add to their collection.


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