News: Great Whites By Drummond Money-Coutts Now Available

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News: Great Whites By Drummond Money-Coutts Now Available

After various teasers and much speculation for most of the summer, world renowned magician Drummond Money-Coutts's (aka DMC) second playing card deck in his Shark Series of playing cards called Great Whites (seen above) started showing up in card retailers this week. The Great Whites are the follow up to the critically acclaimed Sharks playing cards. The first deck in the series, simply called Sharks, can be seen in the last image below.

The Shark series, which is not printed by the United States Playing Card Company, is printed in the UK by a Carta Mundi affiliate. According to sponsor JP Playing Cards, the Great Whites use a 320um Sure Slip playing card board and are plastic coated.  Great Whites were released as a marked deck as well as a standard deck. The deck features custom Anglo-American court cards as well as a subtle one way back design that is not noticeable by the naked eye. The deck also features a Joker reveal.  DMC distributor Sovereign Playing Cards (UK)  had the following to say about the Great Whites' design....
The logo is a visual reminder of old school casino style, and the whole thing has been built around the shark, right down to the shark-skin denticles on the back.The deck has custom kings, all nautical except for DMC as the diamond. Poseidon has some company with the Queen of Hearts, an alluring mermaid. The ace of spades rhymes with the casino cool logo and the Jokers are spear hunting scuba divers.

Here are more images of the Great Whites courtesy of Sovereign:

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