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News: Six AM Comics Starts Work On Playing Card Project

Mark Marianelli of Six AM Comics has released early images of a playing card project that he has started to work on. According to a blog post on, the project was inspired by a college project Mark worked on in the past and it was recently kicked into gear after a night of playing cards with his wife.

While the project is still in it's infancy, Mark has completed a back design that he feels will stay as the project progresses. The back design is Mark's take on the traditional Bicycle Rider Back as it includes some elements and a layout of the traditional Rider Back. However, the card design is 100% custom that is done in a heavy illustrative and comic book style similar to artwork that Mr. Marianelli is known for making. Mark has stated that the artwork is subject to change.

There is currently no releases date or printer announced for this project.

Click here to follow the project as it progresses on!

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