Deck View: Cultura Playing Cards

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Deck View: Cultura Playing Cards

Culture. Retro. Adorable.

Cultura Playing Cards are an adorable deck of cards inspired by the different cultures of the world. Designed by Mankin Chan, the deck is fully custom, with unique artwork on all 54 cards in a retro flat designed style. Each suit represents a different country: Spades - Italy, Clubs - USA, Diamonds - China and Hearts - Netherlands. The colorful mirrored design of the backs are typically retro and decorated with the four suits.

Also, each of the court cards are custom in traditional clothing and the standard fifty-two cards are used to represent a cultural category, such as drinks, sports, transport etc... Exemplify the uniqueness of this deck. The tuck box features a Linen feel, which matches the Elite Finish paper stock. Printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. Available now from Legends.

For more cool decks, check out JP Games.

Deck View: Cultura Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 11/12/2017 Rating: 5

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