News: The Bicycle Inspire Red Deck by The Blue Crown

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News: The Bicycle Inspire Red Deck by The Blue Crown

The Blue Crown released three decks of playing cards this holiday season. The first is the Bicycle Inspire Red deck. Designed by Randy Butterfield of Midnight Cards, the concept is to have a deck that will motivate you to do whatever you want. Alex Pandrea, founder of the Blue Crown told Kardify,
I wanted to have a deck that means something rather than just slap a generic logo on each side of the back design like everyone does. Nobody has any creativity or care about what their playing cards mean to them or their customers. I really tried to change that. FIRST is to instill a childlike feeling of the first time you achieved something- like riding a bicycle. You might fall, but you get up. you might doubt yourself but you find the confidence to get on it and achieve your goal.

For Alex, the Bicycle cards as a brand have lost any sense of meaning. Alex continued,
I'm trying to put a feeling back into this brand. The phrase Never Give Up on the back relates to how we should all live our lives from the time you first got on a bicycle to right now holding a deck of cards in your hand and wanting to perform magic for the crowd. Never give up on whatever you want to do. 

Crafted for the magicians in mind, the Bicycle Inspire Red deck features standard court cards, simplistic card back, a bold custom Ace of Spades, custom Joker, a gaff card and the deck is fully marked. Perfect for everyday use! 

Available now from for only $5.95!

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