Kickstarter: AMBASSADORS Playing Cards by Lotrek

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Kickstarter: AMBASSADORS Playing Cards by Lotrek

Fresh off his win at the 52 Plus Joker convention for Golden Oath Playing Cards, Lotrek has just released AMBASSADORS playing cards on Kickstarter. The AMBASSADORS is a classic looking deck with Lotrek's take on the standard courts and an intricate back design.

The idea for AMBASSADORS was conceptualized during Lotrek's travel to Venice 2 years ago. Lotrek told Kardify,
The initial idea was quite different from what it eventually became though. This is often happening: An idea goes through many transformations until it gets the final shape which may be totally different from what it was at the beginning.

Lotrek first printed a more luxurious version, the Collector's Edition (pictured above) crafted for the card aficionado in mind, which is available now through The deck features metallic inks were used for the faces while the back was gold foil stamped in amazing detail and clarity.

For the Player's Edition on Kickstarter, Lotrek wanted to create a follow-up to the Collector's Edition and make it more affordable and a practical. A deck that would be a combination of elegance and simplicity with a touch of luxury for the demanding player. Lotrek continued,
It is a deck meant for collecting but also for use in a game, as I wanted the customization to be such that would not overwhelm the traditional look of a deck. Ambassadors courts are my own take on the standard courts but everything is designed from scratch in an effort to achieve high detail and elegance, while keeping them relatively simple and immediately recognizable.

A subtle pattern printed in gold metallic ink can be seen on the background of the face cards, which adds to the visual appeal of the deck without being "loud".
Generally I tried to find a balance between complete customization, intricate elements and a light and pleasant appearance. Ambassadors is one of my favourite decks because it has a lot of artistic potential despite its simplicity. I'm already working on a very limited version of the deck but I don't want to say more right now. It's too early!
There are 2 versions available on the project- the Standard (Red) and the Limited (Green) Editions. Both printed with metallic gold ink on the faces and back of the cards by the Expert Playing Card Co. Now on Kickstarter, pledge starts from $15 and the very limited Collector's Edition is available as an add-on.

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