Deck View: Wonder Playing Cards

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Deck View: Wonder Playing Cards

Eye. Dynamic. Swirl.

Designed by magician David Koehler and produced by Murphy's Magic, Wonder Playing Cards is an eye-catching deck with bright primary colours that commands attention! The prominent feature of the deck is the card backs featuring an entrancing swirling pattern of intricate lines and colors. When spun or moved rapidly during cardistry moves, the intricate yellow, red and blue spiral lines begin to blur and focus will shift to a simple eye design in the center.

With the exception of the custom Ace of Spades, the deck features standard face cards to maintain familiarity with the audience for performances. The tuck front artistically plays on the Wonder name by placing the eye on the lower right-hand corner of the box, surrounded by the colorful maze of red, blue, and yellow. The tuck back authentically represents the playing card backs. Also, included are 2 specially printed face cards with a four-sided Chevron design, creating a giant X with the eye symbol in the middle.

The Wonder Playing Cards are printed by USPCC and available right now from your favorite Murphy’s Magic retailer!
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