News: NOC Out Black Edition by HOPC

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News: NOC Out Black Edition by HOPC

The second release (following the Bicycle Inspire Red) from the Blue Crown is the NOC Outs Black Edition! Alex Pandrea wanted to create a borderless NOC deck and this is the result. It sort of still has a border but can be used as a borderless design to take advantage of false shuffles, deals, etc...

On the design, Alex told Kardify,
My all-time favorite deck. period. I was initially going to make the faces black but... eww? 

This deck features everything you know and love about the NOC Out White edition, but inverted to display a classy and elegant black deck of cards. The design is simple but effectively implemented.

Printed by the USPCC and available now from House of Playing Cards for $7! Awesome value for a deck that is suitable for any occasion.
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