Card Flash: Blue Ribbon 323 Rosette Back Reprint

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Card Flash: Blue Ribbon 323 Rosette Back Reprint

Currently in fulfillment, the reproduction of Blue Ribbon 323 playing cards by Aethan Friday are based on an iconic vintage deck from the Blue Ribbon brand started by Willis W Russell in 1907. Russell Playing Card Co. produced the Blue Ribbon around 1916 and slightly different versions were produced over the years until USPC started putting their name on the brand in the mid-1930s.

The decks are often associated with the Aristocrat brand originated by the American Banknote Company. However, USPC discontinued the brand including the Aristocrats in the 1990s. Aethan revived the rosette backs of the Blue Ribbon in September this year with a successful crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter.

Aethan's done an incredible job getting the decks to be as close to the originals as possible. These cards have a custom ace, jokers and standard pips and USPC courts.

The intricate "bank note" style card backs have been meticulously retraced by hand and the red and blue colors of the rosette backs are exceptionally striking.

Not only do the decks look good, but they also handle incredibly as well! Printed by the United States Playing Card Co., on crushed stock, Blue Ribbon 323 will be a conversation starter for your magic, cardistry and/or game nights.

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