Kickstarter: Medusa Playing Cards by Antonio Cacace

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Kickstarter: Medusa Playing Cards by Antonio Cacace

Medusa Playing Cards by Antonio Cacace (Instagram: @antoniocacacemagic) is not your regular deck. It is a  powerful tool crafted for the working magicians and mentalists in mind. This deck opens the door to endless combination of magic tricks and the elegant and timeless design inspired by serpent-headed goddess Medusa.

Currently funding on Kickstarter with less than 3 days to go, Medusa is fully custom and features a timeless design that is suitable for everyday performance. The back design has been inspired by the standard and timeless decks like the Tally-Ho. Consistent to the theme, snakes have been used as the main element creating patterns surrounded by lines and dots.

The face cards have been slightly modified but kept the overall look and feel similar to standard deck to ensure familiarity with the spectators. The redesigned pips and indices incorporates modern design elements while keeping the classic look and feel - the fonts are thinner and slightly smaller, giving it a nice clean look.

The deck comes in Mnemonica stack right out of the box and the cards are marked in seven different ways that have been incorporated perfectly into the design whilst remaining invisible to the spectator's eyes.

Also included with each deck is a pdf that reveals the secret of the markings and a video explanation of routines made possible with this deck.

The deck will be printed by Cartamundi on the True Line B9 Finish. Pledge start at €13 on Kickstarter. Only 3 days remaining. Don't miss out!


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