Deck View: Entry 01- ‘Drops’ Playing Cards

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Deck View: Entry 01- ‘Drops’ Playing Cards

Modern. Simplicity. Fluid.

From designer Benji Taylor and magician Franco Pascali teamed up and create ENTRY, a brand new playing card company aimed at the modern cardist. Entry 01 — ‘Drops’ is their first deck and was sold out within an hour of release!

Designed for cardistry, the simplistic deck looks amazing in motion! The eye-catching back design features a fluid and seamless shape in a deep blue, red and green colorway. The court cards are standard but have been recolored to match the color palette of the deck to give it a unified look throughout. The Ace of Spades featured in Entry 01 combines the best elements of the back design. The result is a design with the perfect amount of detail that doesn’t appear overpowering.

The unique tuck of Entry 01 comes with a custom designed number system that identifies the deck without disturbing the layout or logo placement, allowing for a timeless, infinitely scalable solution to box designs.

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