Kickstarter: Loteria Playing Card by DNIGMA Co.

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Kickstarter: Loteria Playing Card by DNIGMA Co.

Loteria Playing Card is based on the classic Mexican game, Loteria, with a touch of elegance, modern vision and character into every single card, which can be used to play the traditional game.

Designed by DNIGMA Co. the deck merges rich vibrant colors and patterns to create a sense of energy on each card. They were illustrated and modernized into 21st-century trends without losing its traditional identity.
In collaboration with 1 Simple Idea (1SI), we created a new and one of its kind playing cards deck, inspired by the traditional Mexican game. Tapping into historical Mexican traditions, Loteria Playing Cards references the unique and classic board game "La Loteria".

The deck is fully custom with reimagined pips & indices, meticulous hand-illustrated court cards, a gorgeous ace of spades and captivating back design. The idea is to create a deck that gives a sense of warmth, friendship and family that can be attributed to the Mexican culture,
We are not afraid to combine colors and shapes. Our design of the back letter is inspired by the essence of our Mexican folklore since figures were used organic similar to those you can find in many crafts from various states of our country. This design is so exquisite, that it combines functionality and art.

Also included on the card backs is a marking system that can the identity of the card in seconds. Personally, I am not sure how well this will go down, especially if you are using the deck for the card game. But it will be a cool deck for magicians who want a cool narrative and focus on their performance.

The deck is currently funding on Kickstarter and is 36% funded with 14 days to go. Pledge starts at
$14 and features a Premium CRUSHED Stock with a Silky and Smooth Linen Air Cushion Finish printed by the United States Playing Card Co.

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