Card Radar: MarcDeck

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Card Radar: MarcDeck

MarcDeck is a unique deck of playing cards designed through a collaboration of artists, designers, illustrators and innovators from around the world.

The art deck was created as a method of promotion and a way to connect a diverse group of artists who wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to collaborate.

The Deck includes 52 uniquely illustrated custom face cards, 2 jokers, and an info card that lists the contributing artists, their respective card, and means of contact.

I love how the deck came together! I am sure it is no easy task coordinating 52 different artists and putting together a huge amount of artistic variety in a consistent manner.

The art on the cards features all different styles, themes, and characters, which makes it really nice to admire and appreciate each artwork individually. A truly incredible effort, resulting in an incredible art deck!

Available now from for $18. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co.

Card Radar: MarcDeck Reviewed by Ivan on 12/20/2018 Rating: 5

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