Cardistry: JUGGLER SISTINE Playing Cards

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Cardistry: JUGGLER SISTINE Playing Cards

SISTINE is the third deck in the Juggler series created by Julio Ribera. This unique deck is a collaboration between Robin Sancht and Julio inspired by the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, a masterpiece located in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City.

Both Robin and Julio had the same vision with cards and wanted to translate the masterpiece into a very unique and artistic deck. According to Julio,
We have forgotten all the unnecessary details to transform this painting into a minimalist deck focused directly on the main concept.

The card back sports a painted blue colorway with the recognizable fingers almost touching placed diagonally across the backs. This results in a fascinating design making fans and spread looks really interesting.

The face cards are fully custom but compared to the card backs, lacks details. The courts are made up of bust sculpture drawing of various historical figures. With the intriguing artwork on the card backs, a slightly detailed court artwork would have leveled up this deck for sure. The team probably went with a clean minimal look.

The deck is packaged in a minimalist tuck box with the word SISTINE and a vertical line prominently featured on the front. The outline of the fingers place diagonally is featured on the tuck back.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at €12 on Kickstarter.

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