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We Answer Your Questions About Order Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

Not much is known about Thirdway Industries' new playing cards series, Order Playing Cards except that the decks are inspired by dystopian novels and propaganda posters designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni. Here are the answer to your frequently asked questions:

How many decks will be available?
Three decks: Order Imperium, Order Revolutio and Order Electus. All decks will be completely different.

Will there be a backstory?
Yes, like all Thirdway Industries' decks, Order will have a deep, complex and cool backstory - with a lot of secrets to unveil. Giovanni mentioned that this will probably have the best stories yet.

What inspired the Order?
Giovanni mentioned that inspiration comes from Propaganda novels, such as 1984, V for Vendetta, Fahrenheit 451. Old propaganda posters of WW2 (of all sides). Vintage advertising and graphics... and, unfortunately, also the real world of 2019.

What about the suits?
We had a look at the preview page... In Order Imperium, suits are the ministries: Spades is Strength, Hearts are Wealth, Clubs are Safety and Diamonds Truth. All decks will include some special advertising cards about the Order’s World.

Will there be a limited edition deck?
Yes, Order Electus - only 1777 decks made, premium tuck, red cards, and unlockable features.

Who will print Order Playing Cards?
USPCC or Cartamundi, maybe both - Giovanni haven’t given any indication yet due to the recent acquisition of USPCC by Cartamundi.

When Order will be launched?
The Order will be LIVE ON KICKSTARTER on Friday 28 June 2019 at 15 GMT - Milan 17:00 PM, New York 11:00 AM, Los Angeles 8:00 AM, Singapore 23:00 PM, Moscow 18:00 PM, Sydney 1:00 AM 6/29 - A lot of early birds and limited rewards.

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