Wow! Jerry's Nuggets are Coming BACK!

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Wow! Jerry's Nuggets are Coming BACK!

[Update] The Authentic Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards are LIVE on Kickstarter. Already more than 1500% funded!

After years of Pursuit, Bill Kalush of Expert Playing Card Co. has obtained an exclusive license from Jerry's Nugget Casino to print the iconic cards!

Here's the EXCITING news... the deck will launch on Kickstarter on July 1st! This will be the first official jerry's Nugget Decks in almost 50 years. Bill told Kardify,
... these decks are not meant to be replicas of the original Jerry's. As you may have known, due to changes in card stock, printing process, etc.. it is impossible to copy the original deck exactly, not is that our goal. With these new Jerry's we hope to make one of the most sought after decks available to all.

In honor of the decks' roots, they will be printed at USPCC, the original printer of the Jerry's Nugget Deck in 1970.

This time, it will be printed on crushed Premium Stock and as such, will have a different feel than the originals. Bill continued,
In addition to changing the 55th card, we plan to print the production run on USPCC's web press. This is the gold standard used for Bee and Bicycle cards and cannot be used for most custom runs.

The Kickstarter campaign will also feature some Jerry's branded specialty deck produced by EPCC.  Stay tuned!


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