What Happened to DropThirtyTwo?

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What Happened to DropThirtyTwo?

DropThirtyTwo was formed back in November 2018 and had a successful launch with their first deck- The Gamblers Playing Cards. Founded by Christofer Lacoste and lead designer, the company had a great opening month. Shortly after, the company went into radio silence. No updates on the progress of the deck or delivery date. Christopher told Kardify,
Unfortunately, complications of production, management, and other variables, the company took a backseat as we tried to figure out how to fix everything.
Fast forward 7 months, DropThirtyTwo released an update on their social media of images of the relaunched company site, alongside their first release The Gamblers Borderless. The company is focusing on producing the best playing cards in the world, combined with their new direction it seems like they’ve had a great relaunch. We certainly are excited about the direction of the company and the product offerings.

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