Cardistry-Con NOC Deck Released!

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Cardistry-Con NOC Deck Released!

This eye-catching deck was released over the weekend during Cardistry-Con. This is a very limited release of a NOC deck designed, printed in collaboration with the event.

The Cardistry-Con NOC is different from any other NOC decks released to-date. The deck sports a gradient lime green tile back, giving a unique pixelated look. The face card is standard but comes with an exclusive custom Ace of Spades and Joker with updated colorway.

The tuck features an eye-catching holographic package on the exterior and an interior checkerboard design. Definitely a very well produced NOC deck with a refreshing design update from the previous releases. The holo tuck is definitely a nice touch to give the deck a retro-style feel.

Printed by The United States Playing Cards Company on thin crushed stock. Only 2,019 Decks Printed. Available now for $15 at

Cardistry-Con NOC Deck Released! Reviewed by Ivan on 7/22/2019 Rating: 5

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