Kickstarter: Invasion (Blood Edition) Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Invasion (Blood Edition) Playing Cards

Designed by Rattle Shuttle, helmed by father and son team of Dmitry Lebedev and Nikita Lebedev, Invasion (Blood Edition) Playing Cards are a sci-fi themed deck currently funding on Kickstarter. The deck is the second in the Invasion series after the Space Edition funded early this year.

Continuing the narrative, the Blood Edition features four different alien races: Peekians, Boobians, Threphians, and Zervians, each representing a different suit. The aliens have started the conquest to conquer and enslave new planets, rich with natural resources.

This led them to the Solar System, where they faced the Earths' desperate opposition. In this epic battle, aliens not only have to conquer a new planet but they also have to fight each other or collaborate with other extra-terrestrial forms to ensure their power over Earth.

Fully custom, the hand-illustrated court cards showcase the alien leaders while the aces are the spaceships they conquer the planets with. The deck is kept in a tuck box in deep red, with embossing and gold foil on the exterior and interior print.

The exclusive to this Kickstarter is a hand crafted wooden box made out of solid walnut wood has magnet locks, and black velvet padding on the inside. The box holds two decks (Space and Blood) and is limited to 144 regular pledges.

Pledge starts at $16 on Kickstarter.

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