Kickstarter: Nightclub Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Nightclub Playing Cards

Nightclub Playing Cards is a collaboration between Alex and Riffle Shuffle currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. The lively decks are inspired by Nightclub Culture and feature design elements that are part of the collective disco imagery.

Designed by Dario Genuardi, the decks are 100% custom and follow the style his previous decks- Skateboard and Surfboard, making them part of a trilogy.

The court cards are inspired by the people you meet at nightclubs from the DJ, photographer to bodyguard and singer.

The Ace of Spades showcases a glass of Martini and topped with a crown, to give it a touch of class.

The number cards visually match the rest of the deck. The thin line that surrounds the outside of each pip makes them perfectly in line with the design and the disco theme. The bartenders are two iconic figures which can never be missing in a bar, club or disco, and hence represented by the jokers.

Nightclub Playing Cards are available in TWO Editions: Champagne Edition and UV Edition. Both tucks are designed to be visually appealing with bright colors set the mood of this deck: lively, cheerful and fun!

Also, the cards are MARKED in a way that allows you to recognize their value with a glance. Printed by the USPCC and available now on Kickstarter for $20 for a set. Limited Edition of 2500 Each Color.

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