Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Tiu Jun Hao of Bicycle Alphabet Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Tiu Jun Hao of Bicycle Alphabet Playing Cards

Bicycle Alphabet Playing Cards is headed up by first time Kickstarter The Rediculous Gaming Studio. The team has taken the traditional and classic playing card designs as inspiration and adapted it for a contemporary reimagining, using simple design and alphabets, the outcome is an aesthetically pleasing and functional custom deck of playing cards.

With this being their first venture into the custom playing card arena on Kickstarter we were happy to have had a chance to talk to co-founder Jun Hao about their maiden voyage and discuss the concept behind the deck.

For those of us who don’t know, can you tell us a little about yourself and "The Rediculous Gaming Studio"?
The Ridiculous gaming studio is a brand new startup created by students to make playing card games and board game. We are passionate about playing cards games and we love to create our own for people's enjoyment. Apart from that, we aim to develop quality products for everyone! We hope that we will be able to do more in the future!   

Can you describe the Bicycle Alphabet Playing Cards and why you’re passionate about it?
The Bicycle Alphabet Playing Cards was one of our original ideas that we had come up with. We wanted to create something simple yet looking visually amazing as this is our first project. And the idea of alphabets came to mind because it is a simple theme.

Walk us through the process you took to design this unique deck. How did you come out with the idea and how did you get to this finished product?
We came up with the idea during our brainstorming session. A couple of other ideas that came up during the session and we really want to do them. But those ideas we came up were too complicated and since this is our first project, we don't want to complicate things. When one of our team members came up with the idea of the alphabet theme, we thought it was a simple theme and we work on that idea. I think when it comes to designing the deck, we took into consideration of how other playing cards are designed. As a collector myself, we study some of the designs there were already out there in the market. After the thought process, we begin to draft up some prototype of the designs. After which, we hired an artist to draw up the final design based on our draft. Of course, there are some changes to the draft along the way, but we managed to work around it and get the card design done.

What was your most brilliant breakthrough when designing the deck?
During the period when the artist is making the design, there was a problem as we wanted to make the back of the cards spiral with alphabets on it. But it came out funny and was looking weird. So the artist gives us a suggestion to make the back of the card more aesthetically appealing while retaining having alphabets design on it.

From the project page, what are a few of your favorite reward levels and why?
The reward is pretty simple and standard. If you really like to have just one deck, you can opt for the 1st tier which gives you one deck. If you want a brick, we have a tier for that too. Personally, I would like the brick tier because you'll get 12x decks of the playing cards. And it's a great gift too for your friends or if you just want to give it away to someone.

What’s next? Can we expect more deck designs in the future?
As we said before, we have more complex designs and ideas. So if this project is successful, we will be doing more of those in the future. In fact, we are very excited about it and are looking forward to creating more in the future.

Finally, what are your favorite playing cards?
For me, I like those Pure Playing Cards made by TCC. Their cards are so buttery smooth and the back design looks so simple and minimal. Furthermore, its an ideal deck for cardistry, so I like it.

Bicycle Alphabet is being printed by The United States Playing Card Company and still have 28 days to go on The Rediculous Gaming Studio's inaugural project, so there is still time to become a backer.

We want to thank Jun Hao for his time during his busy campaign, to find out more about the Bicycle Alphabet head on over to the project page, currently LIVE on Kickstarter and help make this concept a reality.

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