Cardistry: Mono-Xero and Mono-Xero R by Luke Wadey

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Cardistry: Mono-Xero and Mono-Xero R by Luke Wadey

Launching on Kickstarter tomorrow (7th July), Mono-Xero and Xero R is the latest addition to last year's Mono collection of playing cards by Luke Wadey Design. The series is designed to explore the usage of a single color and its tints and uses different levels of blue (Mono-Xero) and Red (Mono-Xero R) combined with two different gradient styles to create a deck with impact and ambition.

The deck uses variation in line thickness and grainy gradients to establish a bold theme carried from the distinctive card back where a circle is created. The lines design elements have been carried all the way through the custom pips and court cards.

The deck has been crafted specifically for cardistry with magicians and collectors also in mind. The decks are not only a part of Mono, but also decks to represent the #weareXero. We asked Luke what does it mean?
There is ongoing rumblings in the community of people who feel ignored, either by creators, influencers, people who don't take the time to communicate on a personal level, they are only obsessed with fame and fortune. Personally, and many others agree, it shouldn't just be about creating a product and selling it, take your money, thanks. It's about making connections, sharing experiences and creating beautiful things together whilst maintaining humility and respect.

Luke continued,
Essentially what we are trying to say is that we are stronger together, and the decks in Xero all use the 0 as a symbol of unity. Overall, I and many others want to bring some of the personal touches back to people. There are so many talented people in the industry, and it is a gift of us to work together and just basically, be nice lol we shouldn't be too busy to take time to connect, we shouldn't be so arrogant to think we don't need to and people will just buy anything, or watch anything.

The mesmerizing decks packaged in tuck boxes designed so they work side by side. Mono-Xero and Mono-Xero R will be printed by Cartamundi on the B9, 2500 decks of each. Set your alarms, the deck will launch this Sunday, 7th July, at 7pm Uk time!

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